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Author name: Stacey K Eisenberg

From a young age, Stacey's link to the senior care industry grew alongside her mother's work at a nursing home, where she often accompanied her. By her early teens, she secured her first official job at a nursing home, laying the foundation for a profound journey in senior care spanning over four decades. Her roles varied from opening assisted living and memory care residences to working in nursing homes and independent senior living communities. As the former Director of Fun for 300 independent seniors, she expertly organized daily events and trips. Stacey's unwavering passion, nurtured by her family, and professional dedication as a recreation therapist, reflect her deep commitment to preserving the dignity and well-being of seniors.

Stacey’s senior care expertise has been recognized by the media including U.S. News and World Report and Care.com. Stacey and her husband Bryan are the owners of the senior in-home care agency A Place At Home - North Austin.

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